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Standing on the verge of a new world

We are all world-builders. We expect that once we have finished a project, once we have reached the finish line we will immediately be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor. But, this week's parshah demonstrates that the moment that a project is culminated, we need to adopt a different approach in order to ensure that God blesses our work.

Added: 27 First Adar 5771 | 3 Mar 2011

The Seal of the Book of Exodus: God’s Transcendent Light

Much of the book of Exodus relates to the details of the construction of the Tabernacle in the desert. When Moses actually constructs all the components to create the complete Tabernacle exactly according to God’s instructions, God’s glory descends to cover and fill the Tabernacle.

How Our Money Got into a Pretty Pickle

This week, together with the weekly Torah portion of Pekudei, we read the additional portion of Parashat Shekalim, which is the commandment to give one half of a shekel as a donation to the Tabernacle. So, let’s go ahead and talk about money…


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Accountings of the Mishkan (26 Adar 5773)

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