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Exodus 30:11-34:35


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The 4 origins of sin and their rectification


The Pentateuch describes four all-inclusive sins, the third of which, the Golden Calf appears in our parshah. Each all-inclusive sin originates from a different problem in the psyche. Also, why do Jews give charity in multiples of 18 and what impact does this have on our psyche. Click here for the video and additional material.

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Audio lecture

Rectifying the Golden Calf with Balanced Leadership


The greatest sin of the Jewish people was the sin of the golden calf. This is essentially the sin of substituting the genuine leader for a false leader. In this lecture, Rabbi Ginsburgh guides us through a meditation on the holy essence of the calf. By transforming the evil golden calf to a holy calf in our minds, we affect the true rectification of the sin of the golden calf and will merit true leadership. Continue reading…

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