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The Seven Paths of the Tree of the Field

The image of man as the tree of the field in Parshat Shoftim is the image of a potent energy field. What is this energy, and where should it be directed? In this audio meditation, Rabbi Ginsburgh guides us through a meditation on the tree of the field. When we contemplate on this image, we arrive at a deeper understanding of how to direct our potent energies, and where all the paths of our service of God should lead us – to know Him in every facet of our lives. Click here to read the full article.

The Importance of Being Earnest

Audio recordings of this class are also avaiable. Parshat Shoftim pits sincere and earnest faith in God against the abominable practices of the occult. Many people find themselves drawn to various forms of witchcraft, magic, alternative remedies, psychic readings, etc., all with the hope of finding some comfort, solace, and security from life's difficulties and infirmities. In this article, Rav Ginsburgh explains the connection between sincerity and faith, and the central role that sincerity plays in the psyche. He also explains the various forms of the occult practices and how its rituals attack our sincerity and leave us even more frustrated. Click here to read the full article.

Breaking Out of Your Comfort Zone

the greater an individual’s spiritual sensitivity, the more he feels that the title “one who afflicts a soul” applies to himself, for he too has afflicted his soul (and that of others indirectly) by remaining in his comfort zone, unable and unwilling to break out and aspire for more. In all, we find 7 levels of increasing sensitivity to having afflicted the soul; naturally, they correspond to the seven lower sefirot, from kingdom to loving-kindness… Click here to read the full article.

Seven State Officials

Altogether there are seven different types of officials. As in a musical orchestra that contains different players and instruments, we need a government that is composed of a variety of officials who act together in harmony.

Mind over Heart

Shoftim is the 48th parashah of the Pentateuch. The number 48 is the numerical value of the word “mind” (מֹחַ), which immediately associates us with the phrase in the Zohar, “The mind rules over the heart” (מֹחַ שָׁלִיט עַל הַלֵב), which in the classic text of Chassidut, the Tanya forms one of the most profound and fundamental tenets of our service of God.

Seven state officials, Mind Over Heart (Synagogue Page)


The King is the Heart of the People (5 Elul 5772)


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