Reeh ראה

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Parshat Re'eh: Parshah Resources

The Mystical Mountains

The image of the mountain is the image of our Patriarchs. From this starting point of faith in God, the Jewish People received their Divine mission to bring the knowledge of God to the entire world. In this audio meditation, Rabbi Ginsburgh expounds upon the image of the two mountains in this week's Torah portion, and their intrinsic connection to the Torah, the Temple, the Mashiach and the mission of the Jewish People to spread the knowledge of the Divine Nothingness throughout the world. Click here to read the full article.

Paths of Divine Service: From Kabbalah to Breslov

The seven pure paths of Divine service and how each corresponds to one of the seven kosher animals.

The Blessed Kingdom

The first verse in Parashat Re’eh contains seven words, which correspond to the seven emotive sefirot (from loving-kindness to kingdom). The seventh word is “curse” (קללה) and it corresponds to the seventh sefirah, the sefirah of kingdom.

The Blessing of the Tzadik

Every Torah portion is divided into seven sections (aliyot) for reading in synagogue and for every section a different member of the congregation is called up to make the blessing over the reading. These seven sections also correspond to the seven sefirot. With this in mind, we will contemplate the sixth section ofParashat Re’eh to discover how the tzadik’s blessings take hold.


Be Soft Like a Reed, and Not Hard Like a Cedar (25 Av 5772)

Re’eh and Rectifying the Heart by Giving Many Times (25 Av 5772)

Secrets of Pi, Pleasure and Four Types of Women (26 Av 5773)

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