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The Divine Service of the Book of Deuteronomy

The 11 portions of Deuteronomy outline a path of Divine service in these final days of exile. Click here to read…

Understanding the Purpose of Every Soul

It is well known that in the song of Ha'azinu are encoded the personal histories of every single Jewish soul and all that it will experience from that moment until the coming of the redeemer. In Seder Hadorot, a 17th century biographic history of the world (and of the sages of all the generations), we find a wondrous story illustrating this point. From this story we reveal how every great spiritual leader of the Jewish people is able to truly understand the purpose of every soul's life. Read More…

A Mathematical Analysis of Rebuke and Blessing

In the two final parshahs of the Pentateuch, Ha’azinu and Vezot Habrachah, Moses’ unites his rebuke of the Jewish people together with his blessings to them. In this article, we analyze the properties of this unification from a mathematical perspective. Through our analysis we see how ideas uncovered in our study of the Torah can be used to discover beautiful relationships between numbers. Read More…

Ha'azinu, Gold, and the Highest Level of Teshuvah

What do Parshat Ha'azinu, gold, and the number 666 have to do with one another? Read this article to find out and to learn how by reading this parshah during the 10 Days of Teshuvah, we recieve Moses' fiery love, which transforms our teshuvah into teshuvah that is motivated by love, which can indeed cleanse all transgressions. Read More…

Ha'azinu and Rosh Hashanah

In most years, the parashah that we read on Shabbat Shuvah (a.k.a., Shabbat Teshuvah)—the Shabbat between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kipur—is parashat Ha’azinu. Because of this, Rosh Hashanah usually occurs in the week of parashat Ha’azinu, meaning that the daily Torah reading for the two days of Rosh Hashanah are usually two portions from parashat Ha’azinu. So, we need to look at what the connection between the two days of Rosh Hashanah and Ha’azinu is. Read More…

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Can we hear the music of Messianic flight?

The image of the redemption found in parashat Ha'azinu is of Israel being lifted on the wings of an eagle. Even before the eagle reaches its fledglings, its wings create music to prepare them for his imminent approach. In this meditation, Harav Ginsburgh develops the image of the Messianic eagle and of its waiting fledglings, the Jewish People and all of humanity. By meditating on and contemplating this image, we can begin to attune our ears to hear the music of the approaching eagle, and prepare ourselves for the redemption. Read More…

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