Of Adam and Eve

Woman was created from the "side" (often translated as "rib") of man. "Side" = 190 = 10 times Eve. Woman, 306, side, 190 = 496, kingdom.

190 is not only 10 times 19, but since 10 is the mid-point of 19 it is the triangle of 19 (all numbers from 1 to 19).

The triangle of Adam, 45, is 1035 (= 5 times light, 207, and 3 times Moses, 345). The triangles of Adam and Eve, 1035 and 190 = 1225.

1225 is both the square of 35 and the triangle of 49, the first number with this dual property after 36 (square of 6 and triangle of 8).

The sum of the triangles of each letter of Adam and Eve, 903 = the triangle of 42, 7 times "Havayah is Elokim," proclaimed on Yom Kippur.

We proclaim "Havayah is Elokim" to affirm our faith that the essence of the supernatural is nature itself. Nature is the ultimate miracle.

The average value of Havayah-miracle is Elokim-nature = 64, 8^2 = Adam Eve. Eve, mother nature, is the ultimate Adam, miracle man.

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