Morality vs. Anarchy

Native intelligence doesn't judge the essential morality of desires, it just orders them. If you want to be accepted in society don't steal.

A sane person is one whose mind orders his desires, creating a hierarchical pyramid of desires. God is sane, He has top priority desires.

A person without priorities deserves neither reward for his good deeds nor punishment for his bad deeds. A fool is not obligated by Torah.

So we may conclude that disbelief in God and morality (as defined by the Torah) borders on insanity, i.e., living in chaos/anarchy.

When we say that anarchy is bad we mean moral anarchy. If all of us were good, living by Torah, then political anarchy might be good.

After the reign of Mashiach, God will reign alone. There will no longer be any need for a political system to control society.

However bad egocentricity is, especially when one makes God prisoner to his egocentric view on reality, moral anarchy, chaos, is worse.

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