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 Positional Values Reveal More Sevens


Finally, in the first verse, "I" appears as the sixth, eighth and eleventh word from the beginning. In the second verse it appears as the ninth word. In the fourth verse it appears as the first and second words. In the final verse it appears as the twelfth word. If we add all these positional numbers together, we arrive at 25 (52) in the first verse, and 24 (one less than 25) in the remaining verses. (25 is also the value of the word ani in positional numbering: Alef, the first letter is one, nun, the fourteenth letter, is 14, and yud, the tenth letter, is ten; together, they equal 25.) When 24 is added to 25 we find that the sum of all the seven positional appearances of the word "I" equals 49, which is 72. This emphasizes the secret of the number 7. In the words of our Sages, "All the sevens are dear."


If we count the positional values from the end of each verse, they add up to 39. This is 3 times 13. 49 is 7 times 7. The two numbers, 7 and 13 generally appear as a pair in the Torah. 3 times 13 equals the value of Havayah echad, "G-d is One." Havayah(26) is two times echad (13)The word echad means "one." The very value of G-d's essential Name, Havayah, which is 26, is 2 times "one." Intrinsic to G-d's Name are two complementary manifestations of Oneness. Havayah echad, "G-d is One," equals three times "one" (echad). We thus observe that the value of three ones, echad, echad, echad, is the exact value of the positional numbers of the seven different ani's in the portion.

Another very significant phenomenon about the portion is that in the entire portion of 5 verses there are exactly 64 words. 64 = 82. In this entire portion, G-d's Name Havayah is explicitly stated three times. The pronoun "I" (G-d) is stated 7 times. If we remove the three times that G-d's Name appears, 61 words remain. The number 61 is the full numerical value of the word ani, "I." Thus the entire portion hints at the phrase, Ani Havayah, "I am G-d."

The first appearance of G-d's Name in these verses is the seventh word from the end of the verse. The other two appearances of G-d's Name are the third and fourth words, respectively, from the end of the verse. Three and four also equal seven. Here seven is again hinted to twice in the positional values of G-d's Name.

All these secrets blend together. In our consciousness, where the Torah has thousands of words and signs, each of them is a manifestation of G-dliness and Unity. It all blends into a perfection of G-d is One.


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