Jew and Non-Jews: Seven Eyes and Seven "I"s

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Secondly, the Hebrew word for "eye" is ayin. In Hebrew, the letter ayin always alludes to the letter alef enclothed within it (both due to the phonetic similarity of the two letters as well as their numerical ratio of 1:70). The internal essence of the eye is ayin (with the letter alef replacing the letter ayin)the Divine "nothingness," which is a permutation of the word ani, "I." Just as in English the words "I" and "eye" sound the same, in Hebrew there is a very close relation between the words ani, "I," and ayin "eye." In the Bible we find that G-d has seven eyes (Zachariah 4:10). This is obviously not meant to be taken literally, but clearly conveys a secret. In His Providence, G-d overlooks and judges creation from seven perspectives (corresponding to the seven attributes of the heart). Just as G-d possesses seven "eyes," so does He reveal Himself in this portion with seven "I"s. In meditation upon this portion in Isaiah, we become much more involved with the secret of the number seven than with the number three.


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