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ccording to Jewish mysticism, there are a number of beautiful and significant secrets in this passage from Isaiah.


First of all, as we know, the number seven is most significant in the Torah. The numerical value of the very word for "I" (ani) in reductive gematria is 7 (alef = 1, nun = 5, yud = 1; 1 plus 5 plus 1 = 7.)

The word "I" is repeated seven times in the entire portion. It appears three times in the first verse, once in the second verse, not at all in the third verse, twice at the beginning of the fourth verse, and once as the conclusion of the first sentence of the fifth verse, "There am I." In Kabbalah, the word "there" is always a symbol of malchut, kingdom, which is the seventh, final level of the seven attributes of the heart. The seventh level is explicitly "There am I." The verse then turns to the words of the prophet speaking. From this we can understand that G-d has seven manifestations, or "I"'s, and not only three.

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