Jew and Non-Jews: The Consciousness of Atzilut Appreciates the Paradox of Proverbs

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 The Consciousness of Atzilut Appreciates the Paradox of Proverbs
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It is written (Proverbs 8:22-31): "God possessed me at the beginning of His way…When He prepared the heavens, I was there…When He marked out the foundations of the earth…Then I was beside Him…and my delight (was) with the sons of men."


The Torah is the subject (the "speaker") in these verses. As explained above, when relating to the manifestation of any number of entities following the initial contraction of God's infinite light, we must bear in mind that prior to the contraction those manifestations are absolutely one. The paradox of the Torah, after the contraction, saying "I was beside God" or "I was the tool of God in Creation" remains. The ultimate, absolute root of the souls of Israel, the son of God, also exists before the initial contraction, absolutely one with God. This paradox is one that a consciousness not from Atzilut cannot appreciate.


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