Might and Joy

"Might and joy are in His place." To be together with God, in His place, one must experience might and joy simultaneously.

Might, 77, and joy, 23 = 100, beauty. Might times joy = 1771, the tetrahedron of 21, the sum of the first 21 triangular numbers.

In ordinal numbering, might = joy (23). Might is the pulse of the heart. Joy is breath. Pulse and breath are the two basic dynamics of life.

With a mighty heart breathe joy. That will take you to the place of God, a place above place in time above time.

The first letter of God's Name (Havayah) is might, the second letter is joy, the third is compassion, and the fourth is humility.

Might, 77, joy, 23, compassion, 298, and humility, 131, add to 529 = 23, joy, squared! From 10 squared to 23 squared. 23 is the 10th prime.

Might is strength of character, joy is a gift of God, a gift He gives to the humble and righteous.

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