Jewish Meditation

Meditation and Divine Space: A Gateway To Jewish Meditation

The Meditation Cube is a model for mentally orienting oneself within a space whose parameters are defined by the six commandments that continuously govern our relationship to God.

Into our own Divine space that we have now constructed around ourselves, our own personal messianic spark will reveal itself. May we be inspired to redeem ourselves, with God's help, from our own state of exile, and to redeem all of the world around us.

1) Above: Belief in the existence and providence of God.2) Below: Negation of belief in other gods.

3) Right: Love of God.

4) Left: Fear of God.

5) Front: Belief in God's unity.

6) Behind: Shielding the mind from foreign thoughts.

The above meditation is available in text and e-book form in "Living in Divine Space," a 288 page book on Kabbalah and Meditation by Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh. Click here for our webstore.


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