Living in Divine Space

Living in Divine Space: Part 3 – Music and Breathing

In addition to its spiritual content, meditation is enhanced by a number of accompanying practices.

First and foremost of these is music. Throughout Jewish history, the yearning of the soul for God and its joy in living in His presence have found expression in melody. With the advent of Chassidism, there has been a flowering of Jewish creativity in this regard, as many masters and disciples have composed (or adapted) deep, meditative melodies to aid the practice of meditation and prayer.

Rabbi Ginsburgh has composed many such melodies. Some are available for listening online (visit the Inner-Audio section). Others can be purchased on CD or tape at:

Breathing and movement (see audio meditations of: Meditation and Breathing and Meditation and Motion; also see article on "Breathing Joy") have also always been an implicit element of Jewish meditation. Kabbalists and Chassidim do not always consciously practice specific breathing techniques, assume specific postures, or engage in specific movements. But the inner peace that comes with meditation fosters deep breathing, even as the yearning for God and the joy that accompany meditation give rise to serving God "with all my limbs" (Psalms 35:10.) In joy, one dances before God as did King David (2 Samuel 6:14); in longing to serve Him, one runs to or "for" God.

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