Jewish Meditation


Jewish Meditation

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To listen on-line to one of the seven Basic On-Line Meditations (Streaming audio) click on the audio link that appears under each title:

Just one click, and you can listen immediately, for free, over the internet. It's all that simple. But you will need the "Windows Media Player" installed on your computer. Newer computer systems (with operating systems such as: Windows ME, Windows 2000 or Windows XP) should already have Windows Media Player pre-installed. (PLEASE NOTE: The audio files on this site are not supported by "Real Player").


  • The audio files on this site are not supported by "Real Player".

  • The audio download option is presently not available for these files. You will need to listen on-line.)

A broadband internet connection (ADSL or cable) is recommended for clear and smooth streaming. A 56K dial-up-modem connection should also be sufficient, although you may experience occasional buffering and interruptions.

If you don't have Windows Media player you can download and install the player for free. Just click on the Windows Media link on the left and follow the directions.

Problems & Solutions

PROBLEM: I've clicked on a title but nothing happens.

SOLUTION: If the player does not open after clicking on a title and you do not hear a lecture or music then the Windows Media Player may not been installed correctly on your computer. Click on the Windows Media link above, select and install the media player (it's free) that is suitable for your system.

Mac users: after you click on the Windows Media Player icon, choose the recommended download for your computer.

PROBLEM: Windows Media Player opens, seems to be running but I don't hear anything.

SOLUTION: Did you check your volume control. First try the volume control on the media player. If that doesn't solve the problem check the settings on the Windows volume control (it can usually be found by clicking on: start/programs/accessories/entertainment/volume control).

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