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Matzah for Good Health

Q: I have been troubled with various health problems recently. Can the Rabbi give me some spiritual advice to regain good health?

A: May you enjoy good health in the merit of the food of health, which is the matzah eaten on Pesach. The Torah says "and you shall guard (keep) the matzot." The sages explain that this also refers to the mitzvot (commandments), which in Hebrew is spelled identically to matzot. As you know, matzot are unleavened bread. The sages explain that just as we do not allow the dough for the matzahs to leaven, so with regard to the fulfillment of mitzvahs, we should not let them leaven, or ferment. In other words, we should always fulfill the mitzvahs speedily and with alacrity.

We should try to emulate Abraham, who always fulfilled mitzvahs with alacrity and faith.

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