The Secrets of the Final Redemption

The Secrets of the Final Redemption: Part 5 – The Secret of Havayah

"In its Time I Will Hasten it":

In order to better understand the four stages of conscious determination described in the previous chapters and their essential link to the coming of Mashiach, we will now parallel these stages to the letters of God's Name, Havayah. 

Faith has its source in the eitan, ”the staunch one” in the soul. (Abraham, the first and foremost of all believers in God, is referred to as Eitan Ha'ezrachi). The eitan is the essential force of the soul that manifests tangibly in the inner dimension of the sefirah ofchochmah. In Kabbalah, the eitan is referred to as God's 72 letter Name (Av). (In total, there are 27 ways to spell God's Essential Name Havayah in full — each one of the three letters hei, vav, hei, possesses three different spellings). It corresponds to the letteryud of God's Name, Havayah.

The strong will to actualize the process corresponds to the powerful lights of God's 63 letter Name (Sag). These are the lights of the World of Chaos (Tohu). They contain a forceful drive to conquer known reality and to change it in accordance with my will and as I see its rectification. God's 63 letter Name and its chaotic drive (also associated with the power of imagination) correspond toBinah and to the upper hei in Havayah.

The intellect that enclothes the strong will of the World of Chaos and molds it into tools to rectify reality corresponds to God's 45 letter Name(Mah)This is the power of the soul that ensures that the compelling energy of the World of Chaos will not break reality and will not be broken, itself. It is the intellect, corresponding to the vav of Havayah, which channels the lights and will of Chaos into a realistic plan of action.

The actualization of the desired change in reality corresponds to malchutthe "revealed world" in which changes are openly seen. This is the power of God's 52 letter Name (Ban) that illuminates reality. It corresponds to the lower hei of Havayah.

The fifth stage discussed in the previous chapters, the internal experience of the change in reality that accompanies the study of the inner secrets of the Torah, corresponds to the "thorn of the yud" (kotz) of Havayah. At first glance, this experience would seem to be the last to be realized. As it is the ultimate goal of the entire process, the experience of the inner secrets of the Torah is the will of God that motivates it. This is the characteristic of keter — the true will of the Creator. As the entire process began with the study of the Torah of Mashiach, the experience of the inner secrets of the Torah is also the very first stage of the process. The study of the Torah of Mashiach is the beginning foothold in the process of bringing the Mashiach, and it is also its ultimate end. This exemplifies the Kabbalistic principle of "The end is enwedged in the beginning, and the beginning is enwedged in the end."

To summarize:

Thorn of yud Torah of Mashiach
Yud  Tangible faith in Mashiach
Upper hei Will and prayer to act to bring Mashiach
Vav  Intellectual understanding of ways to bring Mashiach
Lower hei Seeing the changes in reality 




Let us summarize the process of bringing Mashiach as described by conscious determination, Chashmal, and God's Name,Havayah.







Conscious Determination



Intelligence to
Determine plan of action

Open eyes

Secrets of Torah


Chash – 1

Faith with no idea how to proceed

Chash – 2

Will without idea how to proceed

Mal  – 1

Plan of action. Separation of impediments from positive forces

Mal  – 2

Sweetening of external reality. World peace

Sweetening off internal reality. Inner secrets of Torah











Name mah


6 emotions of heart


Name Ban

Lower hei


Changes in internal reality

Thorn of


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