Man is Light, Woman is Beauty

In Kabbalah, man is light and woman is beauty. Man illuminates woman (finds her) and woman embodies man (forms him).

Man-light = 518 = 7 times 74, "eye witness" ("You are My eye witnesses says God"). Woman-beauty = 406 = 7 times 58, "grace."

The average value of the four words, man, woman, light, beauty = 231, the triangle of 21, the number of "gates" in the Book of Formation.

A "gate" is a union, a marriage, of two different letters. There are 22 letters. 22 times 21 over 2 = 231, the number of unions in creation.

231 = 7 times 33, "reveal," as in the verse, "Reveal to my eyes the wonders of Your Torah."

Lights (male energy) shine, vessels (female energy) are beautiful. Shining light beautiful vessel = 613, the 613 commandments of the Torah.

613 = lights. Its mid-point, 307 = light beauty = Rebecca. Adam = 45. Eve's original name (before the sin), Chayah = 23, Adam's mid-point.

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