Love, Care and Devotion

In this world, from creation to the coming of Mashiach, woman goes through 7 elevations until reaching her husband's crown.

In the period following the messianic age woman will ascend higher than her husband altogether. She will shine light to him from above.

History is the story of the ascent of woman from a point beneath her husband's foundation (power of procreation) to his superconscious crown

Rectification of character begins with faithfulness to one's spouse – love, care, and devotion.

Love is in the heart, care is in the mind, devotion is in the soul.

When you love your heart beats stronger, when you care you concentrate on the needs of your beloved. Devotion is soul clinging to soul

The gematria of "May God lift up His countenance to you and give you peace," the climax of the Priestly blessing = super-rational devotion.

The gematria of "May God shine His countenance upon you and give you grace" = love, care, devotion.

Care is concern manifest in deed – from mind to action. By fulfilling the sages' adage "Say little and do much," one connects mind to deed.

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