Living in Divine Space

Living in Divine Space: Meditation – Building

The word for "meditation" in Hebrew is hitbonenut, related to the verbal root "to build." Once the mental structure has been built and the concepts are well understood, the classic method for "doing" the meditation is to reflect on it before morning prayer, trying to sense the relevance of the concepts to one's personal life. Then, during prayer itself, one is to try to sense or contact the Divinity pervading the concepts, i.e. use them as a method of enhancing one's ever-unfolding and developing "face-to-face" relationship with G-d.

But a building consists of more than a skeletal frame. Ultimately, meditation consists of adding layers upon layers of "fleshing out," which serve to strengthen and decorate the basic outline. Each level of meditation adds in its own way to the overall potential of the meditation or the appreciation of its astounding beauty–which, of course, implies a heightened appreciation for the beauty of the Torah itself–both of which serve to increase the meditation's potency in affecting the soul, the mind, and one's life in general.

What we have presented here is the basic outline of the meditation. There are many more strata, whose treatment will be the subject of a further expansion of this material, G-d willing.

We close with the hope that, through studying and understanding ever deeper the concepts we have merely touched upon here, we may all come to appreciate the beauty of Torah and its mitzvot, and be inspired to enrich and enhance our relationship to G-d in every way possible.

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