Intermediate Level Kabbalah

Lights of Chaos in Vessels of Order

The messianic formula: Lights of Chaos in Vessels of Order.

Lights of Chaos are great, unbounded lights. They give full, outspoken expression to what one believes to be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. For many others they are terribly intimidating. Often, the end result is "the breaking of the vessels" – a total breakdown of communication.

Vessels of Order are sensitivity to the mind-sets and feelings of others. They are the tools necessary to communicate one's ideas and beliefs in a way that not only is not intimidating but invites attention and serious consideration of what one has to say.

The World of Chaos is a world of most intense projection of self on one's surroundings but inability to productively interrelate and interact with others. The World of Order, in and of itself, is a world of productive interrelationships but relatively low-energy radiation.

When the great, high-energy lights of Chaos (self-expression) enter and combine with the pleasant, sensitive vessels of Order (interrelationship), the union gives rise to messianic consciousness.

The gematria of the messianic formula: "Lights of Chaos in vessels of Order" (אורות דתהו בכלים דתקון) equals 1690 = 26 times 65. 26 (2 times 13, the gematria of "one", אחד, and "love", אהבה) is the value of the Tetragrammaton, God's essential Name Havayah. 65 (5 times 13) is the value of the Name Adni, אדני, the way we pronounce the Name Havayah. Only in the future will the Name be read as it is written, HavayahHavayah as written corresponds to the great lights of Chaos, whereas Adni corresponds to the maturely developed vessels of Order. In the future the full intensity of Havayah will appear through the transparent presence of Adni – absolute Self will productively interrelate with all others (all in a unified state of consciousness), as symbolized by the product of the two Names – and the Name will be read as it is written.

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Lights of Chaos in Vessels of Order | raulrc April 5, 2011 at 7:27 pm

[…] Lights of Chaos in Vessels of Order. […]

sand November 25, 2012 at 8:20 am

In this Month of LIGHTS- Kislev, may we each be strengthened to unify the > high-energy lights of Chaos (self-expression), and marry them/ intertwine them with the > sensitive vessels of Order (interrelationship), then together we may IGNITE the true LIGHTS of messianic consciousness and enter the time of Hashems name SHALOM……..


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