Light and Might

Chanukah is a holiday of courage and light. Torah is light. Our courage to live by the Torah no matter what reveals new light in Torah.

"… God is one. Love God… with all your might." Courage comes from loving God with all our might. Light is the revelation of God's unity.

"God is one" = 39, "with all your might" = 117 = 3 times 39. The courage of Chanukah reveals 3 dimensions of the unity of God.

The 1st dimension of God's unity is that there are no other gods besides Him. The 2nd is that He permeates all. The 3rd is that He is all.

"God is one" = 39 = 3 times 13, love. To love God with all our might we first have to love Him with all our heart and with all our soul.

The average value of heart, soul, might = 169 = 13, love, squared!

Love "with all your heart" is conscious love; "with all your soul" – from the unconscious; "with all your might" – from the soul's essence.

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