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Letting out the “Hot Air” from the “Tires”


With God’s help, 8th Iyar 5774

Yesterday there was a call to increase the penalties and punishments against those suspected of “price tag” attacks. The statements made during the meeting called for even minor acts of vandalism to be labeled as acts of terrorism, and for the extended use of administrative detention [Ed. a practice where suspects are held without charge or the right to see the evidence against them].

Last night we witnessed a real terror attempt in Psagot and a real miracle. The close chronological proximity between these two events is not by coincidence. It is clear that these events were Divinely Orchestrated to teach us a lesson. That when there are calls to punish with an “iron fist,” and label as terrorists even minors who commit minor offenses, we are sent with immediate reminders from Above to recall who the real terrorists are.

In order to correct a situation we first need to be aware of the root cause. This is why I explained to my students last week that instead of slashing physical tires, we should endeavor to let out the air — termed “hot air” in English — of the government (especially “hot air” statements like those said at the meeting yesterday). This is a very quotable line that was stated to provide the tikkun (spiritual correction) for how the escalated events in Yitzhar during these past few weeks began. Everyone should know that instead of slashing tires, we should peacefully, calmly, and resolutely publicize truth.

The primary intent behind this quotable line is to publicize that there is a Higher Power above the army, government, etc… To publicize takes a lot of good air, positive winds of change.

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