Mashiach and Jewish Leadership

Mashiach and Jewish Leadership – Table of Contents

 Part 1:   The Messianic Spark in the Jewish Soul
 Part 2:   The Power of Rectified Speech
 Part 3:   Humility–The Leader's Rectified Ego 
 Part 4:   Silence in Speech
 Part 5:   Rectified Soul–Union Between the King and his People
 Part 6:   The Drive for Completeness
 Part 7:   Compassion–There is no Vessel as Whole as a Broken Heart
 Part 8:   Rectified Soul–The Unity of Spiritual and Physical
 Part 9:   The Three Crown of Leadership and the Crown of  a Good Name
 Part 10: Redemption–To Bring Heaven Down to Earth
 Part 11: The Evolution and Development of Inspiration
 Part 12: Moses and Mashiach: Selflessness and Compassion
 Part 13: The Power of Compassion
 Part 14: Integrating Prayer and Action
 Part 15: Four Manifestations of Inspiration
 Part 16: The Secret of the Soul of Noah
 Part 17: Israel as Leader of the Nations
 Part 18: Israel as a "Light Unto the Nations"
 Part 19: The Clarification of Secular "Sparks"
 Part 20: Mashiach and Technology
 Part 21: Spiritual Dust
 Part 22: Redeeming Science and Art
 Part 23: A New Light
 Part 24: The Sense of Folly
 Part 25: Punishment–Submission for the Sake of the Whole
 Part 26: Another David's Feigned Insanity–Historical Precident
 Part 27: Submission, Separation, and Sweetening
 Part 28: Joy
 Part 29: The Joy of Fulfilling Mitzvot
 Part 30: Visions of Redemption
 Part 31: Sefirot–Ten Soul Prototypes
 Part 32: Reverse Vision
 Part 33: Five Levels of Ascent of Consciousness
 Part 34: Unifying the Messianic Sparks
 Part 35: Rectifying the Present to Manifest the Future
 Part 36: The Three Continual Mitzvot of the Future
 Part 37: The Second and Third Stages of Mashiach

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