Knowledge of Good and Evil

Havayah is the manifestation of God's transcendence, Elokim of His immanence. They are one.

God's transcendence manifests as miracles, His immanence as nature. They are one.

The laws of nature are "the custom of the world." A custom is no more than a costume.

Before Adam prayed for rain it didn't rain. How did he know to pray for rain before it ever rained?

Adam saw heavens and earth as soul and body. The soul must water the body for it to live. The body prays for the soul to rain.

Heavens-soul earth-body = Tree of Life (soul) Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (body).

Without an evil inclination one is unable to distinguish between good and evil objectively.

The snake said to Eve that if you eat from the forbidden fruit you will be like God to know good and evil.

The sages add that the snake said to Eve, you will be able to create worlds as God. To create worlds you must know good and evil.

All creative artists know good and evil, they are all body-sensitive, they all ate from the forbidden fruit.

In every sin one loses a bit of sanity. But you can get it back, and more, by returning to God.

The good inclination is life's bread and butter. The evil inclination gives spice to life.

Without an evil inclination you can't understand the Torah's inner dimension. Angels don't get it.

Don't give in to your evil inclination. If you do it will lose its potency.

A virgin evil inclination is the best. At some point she'll pursue a constructive career.

You don't have to be good to be good. Just be good.

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