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Beginner Level Kabbalah: What should my goals be?

The Ba'al Shem Tov understood that all souls intuit the existence of a deeper reality than what can be perceived with the five senses. The Jewish soul, especially, is imbued with the desire and need to be in contact with the invisible, hidden dimension of reality.

Very often, the material world and the initial impression that Jews sometimes receive with regard to their religion convey the mistaken idea that it is impossible to reach and relate to the hidden dimension of reality. And as a result, some people just give up, numbed by the banality of physical existence.

However, our age is witness to many seekers who are not so easily diverted from this most fundamental need of the soul–to seek the inner meaning of life and reality, to seek God Himself.

True and sincere learning of authentic Kabbalah and Chassidut leads a person to two simple goals:

First, to understand that God is all and all is God. He is everywhere–in every facet of our lives. Our goal is to discover God and to connect to Him in all that we do.

The second goal is to take what we have learned and to spread it, teach it and awaken others. Every one of us has a God-given mission–to spread God's good light to even the darkest corners of the world. No matter what one's age, gender or background, every person was brought into this world so that he, in his own unique way, will change the world for the better. Every individual's goal should be to do his part to turn this world into a dwelling place for God–a world full of loving-kindness, health, happiness and true peace.

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