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Beginner Level Kabbalah: Can Kabbalah and Chassidut change my life?

Kabbalah is first and foremost the study of God the Creator. When, with all sincerity of heart, we delve into Divine mysteries and attributes, day after day, and hour after hour, we cannot help but refine our personalities in the process.

This process is cyclical–the more that we study Kabbalah with the proper intent, the better we understand the manifestations of God in the world and seek to emulate His qualities. The more we refine our characters in emulation of God, the closer we come to the Divine Presence in creation and are thus better able to understand the inner dimension of reality and experience God in creation.

When our soul becomes one with mystical wisdom, our whole life pattern is changed–from the consciousness of our minds, to the emotions of our hearts, to every aspect of our behavior.

Most importantly, the study of Kabbalah depends upon the devotion and true desire of the heart of the student. This is a prerequisite–the true desire of the heart must be to come close to God. In addition, it depends upon revelation from above. Over the generations, more and more has been revealed.  The ultimate revelation–which depends upon how truly we desire to come close to and become one with God–is the revelation prophesied for the Days of Mashiach, which we believe to be imminent.

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