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Beginner Level Kabbalah: Is it Advisable to Receive Advice from Kabbalists?


As opposed to summoning spiritual forces to do one's will, which is totally forbidden, there are other practices which, although not explicitly forbidden, are just the external realm of Kabbalah. Often, people will go to a "Kabbalist" and request that he take the names of a prospective couple and determine through Kabbalistic calculations if this couple is a proper match. There are many ways that "Kabbalists" do this calculation. However, it is very important to understand that this is a very external and insignificant practice which should not be pursued or requested. This calculation is not actual Practical Kabbalah, but is totally external. A genuine Kabbalist is a person who has developed spiritually as he comes closer to God, and is thus blessed and gifted with spiritual senses. He does not use technical or external methods. A true Rebbe ("a spiritual leader and teacher"), such as a Rebbe of Chassidut can certainly be approached and asked all of life's questions. The truetzaddik ("righteous one") is so connected to the inner study of Kabbalah, that he has been blessed with a deep sense of the soul with which he senses reality and knows what to recommend for every person that approaches him.

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