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The Jewish Home Chapter 9: The World – A Home for the Almighty

One might have the misimpression that the home is primarily for its inhabitants to enter and remove themselves from external social contact. But just as the Temple was not intended to be entered without leaving, so with the home, amikdash me'at. Our Sages teach that a person who knows only how to enter and never leaves, should not enter. The ultimate purpose of entering a holy context is always to integrate and bring holiness, light, strength and closeness to G-d into one's consciousness, and then to take that gift and bring it to the world. One's own home, as rectified as it may be, is not sufficient. The entire world must become a home for G-d. This is the supreme purpose of Creation.

The purpose of one's home is that it should always expand. The concept of home as one of the Three Forefathers corresponds to Jacob. Abraham called the Temple site "a mountain," Issac called it "a field," and Jacob called it "a home." Jacob is not intended to remain inside the home. On the contrary, Jacob is called "unbounded inheritance."He is more unlimited than Abraham and Isaac. Abraham and Isaac had certain limits, even in the extension of TheLand of Israel. Abraham was promised the Land of Israel until the Euphrates. Isaac was promised certain boundaries. Jacob is the level of the Land of Israel that will expand to all the nations of the earth, and will ultimately cover the whole earth. That is why Jacob was commanded (Genesis 28:14): "And you shall spread out to the west, to the east, to the north, and to the south."He must expand to all directions without any limit to encompass the entire world and all of reality.

This is the reason that a man who does not have a home is not called a man. Of all the three Forefathers, the one who most resembled Adam was Jacob. "The beauty and appearance of Jacob resembled Adam." Adam was intended not just to remain in the Garden of Eden, but to become so at one with the Garden of Eden that, had he withstood the trial, he would have been able take the air and consciousness of the Garden of Eden and bring it out to the entire world. Unfortunately, since he sinned, he was driven out of the Garden of Eden, and couldn't take it with him.

To be a man, one must have self-sacrificeto go out of his home.The home, malchut, gives the person the self-sacrificefrom the power of keter, to take the consciousness from within to the outside world. The world will then become permeated with this consciousness and will be a great home, for G-d.

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