Jacob, David, their Enemies, and the Mashiach

God saved Jacob from his father-in-law Lavan, his brother Esau, and his "son-in-law" Shechem (his daughter's rapist), three generations.

Jacob is the all-inclusive Jewish soul. From him we learn that each of us has an enemy in the previous, this, and the next generations.

The common denominator of the three enemies is that they all claim rights to our possessions and accomplishments, to our offspring.

According to Rashi, the Torah begins with the enemies of Israel claiming rights to the Land of Israel.

Our answer to the nations: "God created the world and gave it to whom He desired, He gave it to you and took it from you and gave it to us."

And so Jacob (in each generation) answers his enemies, He gave it to you and took it from you (when you became unworthy) and gave it to me.

By Divine Providence, even Dinah was first given by God to Shechem and then had to be taken away from him by force (of Shimon and Levi).

It is often impossible for us to fathom the intentions of Divine Providence. Even rape releases some holy spark, as in the case of Dinah.

But nonetheless the rapist must be punished. Maimonides says that the entire city was guilty for not judging and punishing Shechem.

The sages say that Osnat, Joseph's wife, was the daughter of Dinah from Shechem. Other holy souls were released according to Kabbalah.

Jacob (182) together with his 3 enemies, Lavan (82), Esau (376), and Shechem (360) = 1000. By defeating his enemies he redeems 1000 lights.

These 1000 lights were given to Moses (the inner soul of Jacob) at Sinai, taken away at the Golden Calf, and returned to him every Shabbat.

King David also had three enemies, one from the previous generation, one from his own generation, and one from the next generation.

From the previous generation: David's father-in-law, King Saul. From his own: Achitofel, his advisor (whose name begins Achi, my brother).

From the next generation: his son, Avshalom, who rebelled against him. Avshalom's mother was a "beautiful woman" that King David took in war.

There are two people that are described as being "red" in the Bible, Esau and David. Esau is the evil red and David is the holy red.

David is the rectification of Esau. Esau (376) plus David (14) = 390 = 15 times 26, the product of 2 of God's essential Names.

The same number, 390, is the sum of Jacob (182), Esau's righteous brother, and Isaac (208), the father of the two brothers.

Isaac, the archetypal figure of might (and fear of God), is the spiritual origin of David – "kingdom is constructed from might."

The common word for "red" (admoni) that describes both Esau and David = 111. 2 times 111 = 222 = Isaac (208) and David (14).

Esau was born "red all like a hairy garment." David was "red with beautiful eyes and goodly appearance."

"Red with beautiful eyes" = 496 (the triangle of 31 and the 4th perfect number, after 1, 6, 28) = kingdom (malchut).

David is from the tribe of Judah, the kingly tribe, whom his father Jacob blessed to have "eyes red from wine."

Although David is from the tribe of Judah the son of Leah, Rachel is his spiritual soul-root. Rachel (238) = David (14) times good (17).

In Chronicles, David is written with a yud, raising the value of his name to 24. Adding it to Esau, 376, gives 400 = 20 squared.

Esau took 400 men with him to meet Jacob. Those 400 men reincarnated in the 400 men of David.

Potifar's wife tried to seduce Joseph. When he refused she turned the table and told her husband that he had tried to seduce her.

Potifar wanted to kill Joseph, but Osnat, his adopted daughter, told him what really happened, and he just imprisoned Joseph.

God said that because Osnat saved Joseph's life she will marry him and become the mother of two tribes of Israel, Efrayim and Menashe.

Osnat saved Joseph's life from the hands of her step-father. Michal, King Saul's daughter, saved David's life from the hands of her father.

Osnat was to marry Joseph, Michal was married to David. Osnat (511) and Michal (100) = Torah (611).

Joseph and David, foundation and kingdom, symbolize the two messianic figures, Mashiach the son of Joseph and Mashiach the son of David.

The entire Torah is dedicated to saving the life of the Mashiach and, thereby, meriting to marry him.

The Zohar says that the Mashiach will kill the evil snake (Mashiach = 358 = snake, he is the anti-snake) and merit to marry the princess.

First the Torah saves the life of the Mashiach and marries him, then he kills the snake and marries the princess, the secret of prayer.

Michal, King Saul's daughter, was a princess, and so was Osnat, for Pharaoh gave her to Joseph as one gives his daughter.

For the Mashiach, and the messianic spark in each and every one of us, Torah becomes prayer and prayer becomes Torah. They are 1 loyal wife.

The Mashiach and the snake (both = 358) are like matter and anti-matter, which upon meeting annihilate one another. Here only the snake dies.

The moment that the Mashiach meets and kills the evil snake (the evil inclination in man) both are annihilated. But the Mashiach is reborn.

Samson, one of the greatest messianic figures in the Bible, said, in the end, "Let my soul die with the Philistines." Both were annihilated.

Samson, from the tribe of Dan, is likened to a snake, "it takes a snake to kill a snake." He resurrects as Mashiach the son of David.

In his death, Samson took revenge from the Philistines for one of his two eyes. When he returns he will take revenge for his second eye.

The right eye is to see the good in others. The left eye is to see the bad in oneself. In his death, Samson rectified his left eye.

It is now for Samson to rectify his right eye. Today, revenge is to reveal the hidden good in the apparent evil, which then disappears.

The Philistines blinded Samson's two eyes. They first returned as David's "beautiful eyes." Not only people reincarnate, but also organs.

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