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Q&A: It's Up To Me???

Q: It is being said that if just one person genuinely repents, the redemption will come immediately. How can I say that about myself, if for 2000 years all the great tzaddikim have tried to bring the redemption and have not succeeded?

A: There is a famous parable handed down by tzaddikim about the king’s ring that was lost. All the great, important people searched for it, but ultimately a simple peasant simply discovered it without searching. It is written that the Mashiach will come when we are unmindful of his coming. For us, being unmindful means not to think, “Who am I as opposed to all the spiritual greats?” It is written, “He who walks with simple sincerity walks assured.” We must walk with simple sincerity. If the Rebbe told us, “Do all that you can to bring the Mashiach,” then we must do so with simple sincerity and not think of all the possible questions and objections. Mashiach is like a lost item that has to be found, as it says in Psalms, “I found David My servant.” When we stumble upon a lost item, it happens without our mindfulness – we must be unmindful of all other calculations. It is written, “The master (Mashiach) will come suddenly.” Every person must look at himself as if it all depends on him – it makes no difference if he is great or small.

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