Jewish Meditation

Introduction to Jewish Meditation – Part 6

Emotions of the Heart and Days of Creation

In Kabbalah, the six sides of the cube correspond to the six emotions of the heart. The origin of these six emotions lies in the six Divine attributes (sefirot);  "loving-kindness" (chesed), "might" (gevurah), "beauty" (tiferet), "victory" (netzach), "thanksgiving" (hod ), and "foundation" (yesod). Each of these six possesses an inner light or soul-experience: "love" (ahavah), "fear" (yirah), "mercy" (rachamim), "trust" (bitachon),  "sincerity" (temimut), "truth" and (emet), respectively. These correspond to the six sides of the cube in the following way:

Divine Attribute Inner Experience Direction
loving-kindness love right
might fear left
beauty mercy front
victory trust above
thanksgiving sincerity below
foundation truth back

The six emotions of the heart, in their order as given above, correspond to the six days of creation. On the first day, God created light with "love"; on the second day, He created the firmament to separate the higher from the lower waters, with "fear". Life in general appears for the first time on the third day of creation, the day that corresponds to the Divine attribute of "mercy" and the direction of front. G-d's transcendent light and His immanent light are symbolized as "sun" and "moon." These were created on the fourth day, the day that corresponds to the Divine attribute of "victory." On the fifth day, the day corresponding to the Divine attribute of "thanksgiving,"  God created the fish and the birds. Adam was created on the sixth day, corresponding to theDivine attribute of "foundation"; he represents God's "seal of truth" with respect to all of creation that preceded.

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