Jewish Meditation

Introduction to Jewish Meditation – Part 10

The Six Continuous Commandments and the Six Remembrances

Often, in the attempt to establish one-to-one correspondences between parallel sets of concepts, several possibilities present themselves. This is due to the interrelationships between the concepts and the inter-inclusion of the concepts one in the other. We will here present the most straightforward one-to-one correspondence between the six continuous commandments of the Torah and the six daily remembrances:

1. The remembrance of the exodus, the epitome of which is on the seder night, conveys to the Jewish soul the impression of the love between God and Israel, a love symbolized in the Torah by that of groom and bride. In Kabbalah, Passover is the festival of love. On Passover, we read the Song of Songs, the song of love between the Divine Groom and bride. Of the exodus, it is said: "I remember the kindness of your youth, the love of your espousals, how you followed Me into the desert, into an unsown land." God remembers our kindness (chesed) and love (ahavah) for Him, and we remember His kindness and love for us. Thus, the remembrance of the Exodus corresponds to the continuous commandment to love God, to the right.

2. The remembrance of God's revelation to us at Sinai, the revelation of above–"You have seen that from heaven I have spoken with you"–clearly corresponds to the continuous commandment to believe in God and His providence. "The Torah was commanded us by Moses," who corresponds to thesefirah of netzach and the direction of above. Netzach means "eternity," and so is the Torah eternal, never to be replaced.

As we shall see, the essence of the first of the Ten Commandments, the Torah-source of this commandment, is expressed in its first words: "I am God, your God…," referring to the revelation of God's very essence. The verse continues: "…who has taken you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage." The revelation of Sinai recalls the exodus from Egypt. Adult belief in God's essence recalls the love of youth for Him.

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