I am Nothing

What do you prefer, to know all that a human mind can possibly know, or just to be nothing?

To be nothing does not mean to cease to exist, it just means that you are neither here nor there.

"I am nothing" sounds like a contradiction. In Hebrew, the 3 letters "I" (אני) permute to spell "nothing" (אין).

The gematria of the 3 letters "I," – 1, 50, 10 – are out of order. "Nothing" puts them in order – 1, 10, 50.

Both "I" and "nothing" = 61, the number of letters in the verse, "And you shall know today… there is no (ain = 61) other."

3 readings of "You shall know today": You, not someone else; as bright as day; today, not tomorrow.

"There is no other" means either that there is no other god or that there is nothing else but God.

An alternative reading of "You shall know… there is no other": There is no other thing to know.

The second word of the verse (of 61 letters), "today" = 61 as does the second last word, "no."

The revelation of "today" is that there is "no other" than "God (Havayah) is God (Elokim)."

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