Human Rights and Divine Obligations

There are the strong and the weak. There are the good and the bad. Not always are the strong the bad.

If it so happens that the strong are the good and the weak are the bad, don't weaken the strong by equating to them the weak.

How can I judge who is good and who is bad? To be good is to be devoted to God and to man. Fervent in prayer and benevolent to all.

The just law of the Torah, given to all of humanity by one, good God, takes precedence over man made "human rights."

Every human has the right to light. In Kabbalah, right is light and left is darkness from which emerges light that shines the brightest.

The right to light is the right to education, to be taught what is right and what is wrong.

After learning what is right and what is wrong, one has the right to be taught to know the Creator from the wonders of nature.

The Torah guides you in every avenue of your life. It provides for you in spirit and in matter – with wisdom and with wealth.

God promises that if you walk in the way of the Torah you will be blessed with wealth, health, and happiness.

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