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Gematria: Rectifying Intermarriage and Secularization

Mouth to Mouth

Purim – A Time of Action

Purim from the Torah

Purim, Purim, Purim is Ours

Purim: So, who am I? A different answer with each lechaim

Purim, the Antidote for Schizophrenia [1]

The Megilah and Kabbalistic Terminology

The Month of Adar According to Sefer Yetzirah

Rectifiying Edom and Ishmael

The two great exiles of the Jewish People in our days: Edom (אדום, 51) and Ishmael (ישמעאל, 451) equal 502 = “Cursed be Haman” (ארור המן) = “Blessed be Mordechai” (ברוך מרדכי).


Patience and the Purpose of all Jewish Sin (12 Adar 5772)

Levels of Knowing and Not Knowing, Unmasking Everything, and Drops of Fire (14 Adar 5772)

Levels of Not Knowing the Difference Between Blessed Mordechai and Cursed Haman

Dressing up as Mordechai and Esther and the 7 “Indeeds” of Purim (14 Adar II, 5774 )

Se’udat Hodayah Schreiber – Purim Katan 5774 – Jerusalem – Part 1

Se’udat Hodayah Schreiber – Purim Katan 5774 – Jerusalem – Part 2


Why did Mordechai smile? ● Purim 5770 Farbrengen 

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