Heavens and Earth: the Infinite and the Finite

"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" – the experience of the infinite and the experience of the finite.

Man was created erect, he walks on two. Walking through life he can look up to the heavens and experience the infinite or look down to the earth and experience the finite. He stands on earth. He is part of the finite.

When walking, hands are down, moving back and forth on one's sides. But suddenly one stops to wonder at the infinity of the heavens. "Stand and contemplate the wonders of God." Hands rise spontaneously in prayer to Almighty, the creator of heavens and earth.

"The heavens are heavens for God, and the earth He gave for men." Why repeat "heavens are heavens"? The second "heavens" is interpreted to mean "astonishment." Standing in astonishment at the experience of the infinity of the God's heavens we project that sense of astonishment to our finite earth experiences. From the experience of the heavens above we reach down to see ourselves walking the face of the earth, and continue reaching down to experience the world of the very small, the microcosm. We see infinity reflected in the finite.

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