The Healing of Body and Soul

Kabbalah and Medicine: The Healing of Body and Soul – Part 44 – Remission and Healing

In many cases, the symptoms of Lupus may disappear either temporally or permanently. This phenomenon, referred to as remission, is not necessarily the result of medication.

In Hebrew, the word for "remission" is hafugah. It is interesting to note that the numerical value of the two letter sub-root of hafugahpag–is 83. According to the sages, 83 is the total number of diseases that afflict mankind. Also, in his Code of Law, Maimonides (who, in addition to being one of the greatest of the medieval sages was also one of the greatest physicians of his time) arranges all the laws of the Torah into 83 sections, implying that the Torah provides the cure to all physical as well as spiritual diseases.

The numerical equivalence between the number of diseases that afflict mankind and the concept of remission teaches us that in every disease there is the latent potential of going into remission. Every disease can appear and disappear, which, in the terminology of Kabbalah, means that every disease can vary between the "revealed world" where it is active and the "concealed world" where it is passive or dormant.

In Kabbalah, the "link" or "turning point" between the "revealed world" (corresponding to the sefirah of malchut) and the "concealed world" (corresponding to the sefirah of binah) is hod. The "revealed world" (malchut) ascends to hod while the "concealed world" (binah) descends to hod. When rectified, hod is the power of the soul that causes negative phenomena to disappear while simultaneously causing positive phenomena to appear.

The very recognition that at any moment disease may disappear greatly reinforces the hod-characteristic described above of "walking simply with God" (which in itself is the rectified power of hod just described as being able to cause remission). Why be concerned or worried about disease? Who says it’s there in the first place? And even if it is, it can go as easily as it came, all by the wish of God. It’s best to just walk simply in God’s ways.


Healing Process

Among the key methods of Kabbalah to heal body and soul is the active engagement in meditation. Proper meditation will enable a person to forget himself, creating the sense of self-nullification or bitul, which will help either totally rid the body of disease or at least produce a state of remission.

Other suggestions that will work to rectify the power of hod in a person include the support system of family and friends. Their encouragement has been shown to make dramatic improvements in the conditions of patients with Lupus. As we mentioned earlier, this type of bedside manner is the healing of the mouth–the power of words of encouragement as well as positive thinking.

Finally, the understanding of the disease will further its recovery. Particularly, when one gains a Kabbalistic perspective (binah) on his disease, that understanding will positively affect the immune system (hod), enabling it to overcome the disease; for "binah extends until hod."

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