The Healing of Body and Soul

Kabbalah and Healing: The Healing of Body and Soul – Part 41 – A Sense of Disconnection

Conventional medical research has classified Lupus as a collagen disease. Collagens are the basic structural proteins of connective tissue. When Lupus afflicts the connective tissue in the body the result can be sore joints. This also parallels problems of the psyche, as in psychological problems of disconnection, of feeling disconnected from God or from other people.

The root of the problem lies in how one understands the Kabbalistic doctrine of the tzimtum, or contraction in the creative process. This refers to God's apparent withdrawal of His infinite light in order to produce finite created reality. If one feels this to be literal then one will consequently feel disconnected from God. Here, this phenomenon shows up in the body as empty space between cells and tissue which are lacking connection. If the body interprets this emptiness as literal then the joints are not bound together and pain and soreness will ensue. On another level, if one feels disconnected psychologically and socially from other people, he will not be able to form comfortable bonds with others.

The treatment then would entail entering into a Chassidic understanding of the tzimtzum. Seeing the contraction as non-literal will preserve the sense of connection. One will awaken to a consciousness that on every level of reality, no matter how disconnected one feels, it is only in one’s perception. The connection has always been there and is only now temporarily concealed. With this understanding a person will discover that the pain of disconnection will disappear.

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