The Healing of Body and Soul

The Healing of Body and Soul: Part 15 – The Kabbalistic Model

Here we find a beautiful example of how a Kabbalistic model lends insight into a complex physical mechanism. In accordance with our sefirotic-physiological chart, the three sefirot that correspond to the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems are da'atnetzach, and hod, respectively. These three form the higher triangle of the "magen David," constructed of the six sefirotda'atnetzachhod–the higher triangle, and chesedgevurahyesod–the lower triangle (withtiferet in the middle).

As limbs of the body, we have seen that da'at, netzach and hod correspond to the rear lobe of the brain, the right leg, and the left leg, respectively. It is the brain sensing and directing the body to walk along its path of life with caution, sincerely offering thanks to Divine providence for each successful step (hod, the immune system)–for "all paths are likely to be dangerous"–and confidence (netzach, the endocrine system). In the words of Proverbs, "He who walks sincerely will walk confidently."

We saw above that the allostatic process demands the highest degree of equilibrium and sensitivity to the present state of mind-body. But, sensitivity itself is the property of da'at, the rear lobe of the brain, and equilibrium is the power of netzach and hod, the two feet upon which the body stands.

Moses and Aaron

In Kabbalah, each of the sefirot is identified with an archetypal soul. The two companion sefirot of netzach and hod are identified with the souls of the holy brothers Moses and Aaron, of whom it is said, "Behold, how goodly and pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together." The origin of these two souls is in thesefirah of da'at (the power to be "together"). Thus, the secret of the higher triangle of the magen David is in fact the "birth" of the souls of Moses and Aaron from their common origin.

Acting together, the two brothers Moses and Aaron merited to be God's emissaries to take the Jews out of Egypt. In following chapters, we will see that all disease relates to the spiritual state of exile in general and the Egyptian exile in particular. The liberation from Egypt is the liberation from disease. After the splitting of the Red Sea, the culmination of the exodus, and the song of thanksgiving that Moses and the Jewish people sang to God, God promises:

All the disease that I have placed in Egypt

I shall not place on you,

for I am God your healer.



After the exodus, Moses became the Divine conduit through which God gave the Torah to Israel. Aaron became the high priest of Israel, representing the epitome of our service of God.

Moses and Aaron are the two healers of Israel, Moses through the power of the Torah and Aaron through the power of the priestly blessing. By connecting ourselves to the Torah and devoting our lives to the service of God, we draw down Divine healing power into our souls.

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