God is All, All is God

Extroverted light covers introverted light as a body covers a soul. But introverted light eventually becomes extroverted, and vice-versa.

Soul will become body and body will become soul. Man woman and woman man. God creation and creation God – "God is all and all is God."

On Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur "God is all" – nothing exists except God. On Sukot "all is God" – God's very essence appears in everything.

"God is all and all is God" is the "run and return" of the Divine soul. Run alone results in nihilism, return alone results in pantheism.

Although God is all, the world, paradoxically, does exist. And although all is God, our physical senses deceive us in this "world of deceit."

"Distance yourself from deceit." Do not believe what your physical senses tell you. The table is not what it appears to be. Look again!

This world is hard to enter and easy to leave. What comes hard has purpose. This means: stay here, but don't take what you see at face value.

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