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Ofanim ("the wheels"):
Ofanim are the spiritual forces (angels) envisioned by Ezekiel as the wheels of the Divine chariot; the angels occupying the world of Asiyah.
Olam Haba ("The World to Come"):
The Sages distinguish between two phases of redemption:
1) Yemot Hamashiach ("messianic era") when the present laws of nature will still apply.
Olam Haba ("World to Come") in which the nature of reality will be transformed.
Olam Hamalbush ("The World of the Garment"):
Olam Hamalbush is a figurative idiom, used by several disciples of the Arizal, to refer to the Divine "superplan" for all Creation before thetzimtzum of G-d's infinite light. In the Zohar, this level is alluded to in the phrase: "He engraved an engravement in the higher brilliance." InChassidut this is elucidated by the phrase: "He conceived within Himself in potentia all that was destined to become actual."
For further explanation see: Ten stages of G-d's Infinite Light
before the beginning of the creative process–Kadmon.
Olamot (Worlds):
Olamot are the four primary realms of Creation that emerge out of G-d?s infinite light and culminate in our finite physical universe.
For further explanation see: The Four Worlds (Atzilut, Beriah, Yetzirah, and Asiyah).
Omer is a dry measure mentioned in the Torah; the measure of barley brought as an offering on the second day of Pesach, after which the grain of the new harvest is permitted to be eaten; the 49 day period of counting from the time of this offering until the festival of Shavuot. See Sefirat HaOmer
Onah ("time"):
1. A season or a period of time, a full night or full day.
2. The obligation of the husband to fulfill his wife's conjugal rights.
Or ("light"):
Or is commonly used metaphor for the Divine energy that generates and sustains the universe. Ma'orZivHe'arah
Or chozer ("Returning Light"):
Or chozer is a reverberation of spiritual energy emanating from Creation in the direction of the Creator; a response to Or yashar.
Orlah ("foreskin"):
1. The Torah commands us to circumcise the foreskin of a male child when he is eight days old. There are two stages to the circumcision process: See milah.
2. When the Jewish People plant fruit trees in the Land of Israel, the fruits of those trees are forbidden for the first three years, and are referred to as orlah, literally "foreskin." In the fourth year, the fruits must be brought up to Jerusalem, where they are eaten in purity and with praise of God. Only in the fifth year may the fruits be eaten freely in any location. God promises that if this commandment is kept, He will shower abundance upon the Jewish People. These laws are discussed in the weekly Torah portion of KedoshimLearn about the deeper meaning of orlah.
Or la'goyim ("A light unto the nations"):
In Isaiah's prophecy (Isaiah 49:6) Israel is called a "light unto the nations. For it is the primary responsibility of the Jewish people to bring the world to perfect peace, brotherhood, and harmony. A future without war, hunger or strife.
Or makif karov ("close surrounding consciousness"):
Or makif karov is the general level of consciousness corresponding to the chayah of the soul.
Or makif rachok ("distant surrounding consciousness"):
Or makif rachok is the general level of consciousness corresponding to the yechidah of the soul.
Or pnimi ("inner consciousness"):
Or pnimi is the The general level of consciousnes corresponding to the three lower levels of the soul.
Or yashar ("Straight Light"):
Or yashar is the Divine energy emanating from G-d in the direction of His Creation.

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