Glossary of Kabbalah and Chassidut: Letter "N"

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Nachamu ("console"):
1. Tthe haftarah recited on the Shabbat following Tishah b'Av, so called after the first word of the passage recited (Isaiah 40:1-26).
2. The Shabbat on which this haftarah is recited.
See Ramban.
Nefesh ("creature." "soul"):
1. Nefesh is the particular name of the lowest in the five levels of soul described in Kabbalah, associated with physical vitality.
2. The soul in general. See soul.
1. An acronym for netzachhodyesod ("victory, splendor, foundation")
2. The third triad of sefirot, which together constitute the attributes of behavior (see Chabad,Chagat).
Neilah ("Locking"):
Neila is the final prayer service recited on Yom Kippur prior to the "locking of the gates of prayer."
Nekudah ("point"):
Nekudah is the Kabbalistic referent for an undeveloped and instable element of reality.
Nekudim ("dotted," "spotted"):
The second stage in the development of the world of Atzilut.
Neshamah ("soul"):
1. The Neshama is the ?breath of life? that G-d breathed into the first man; the third of the five levels of soul, associated with the vitality of intelligence.
2.The third of the five levels of the soul.
3. The soul in general. See soul.
Nesirah ("sawing off"):
Nesirah is the process of separating Adam and Eve (who were initially created connected back to back) or their spiritual antecedents, Z'eir Anpin and Nukvei d'Z'eir Anpin, in order that they may unite as a couple.
Netzach ("Victory"):
Netzach is the seventh of the ten sefirot, and the fourth of the emotive attributes within Creation.
For further explanation see: The Divine Emanations–Netzach.
Nigleh (lit., "revealed"):
The exoteric dimension of the Torah. Those parts of the Torah that address those aspects of man's relationship with G-d that are the same for all individuals (or classes of individuals, such as kohanim, kings, etc.). In its most narrow sense: Jewish law and its Talmudic process of derivation.
Contrasted with "nistar" ("hidden"), the parts of the Torah that address personal or private aspects of man's relationship with G-d, the inner life of the soul, and so forth.–Nigleh
The first of the twelve months of the Jewish calendar.
For further explanation see "Living With the Times"–The Month of Nissan. Also see the Hebrew Months.
Notrikun ("acronym"):
Notrikun is a method of interpretation in which a word is seen as comprising the initials or main consonantal letters of another word or phrase.
Nukvah d'Ze'ir Anpin ("The female of Ze'ir Anpin").
Nukvah d'Ze'ir Anpin is the partzuf of malchut.
For further explanation see The World of Nukvah d'Ze'ir Anpin.
Nun is the 14th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
For further explanation see Alef-Beit Significances.
Also see: The Mystical Significance of the Hebrew Letters (including an image and audio pronunciation of each letter).

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