Glossary of Kabbalah and Chassidut – Letter "G"

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Gaon ("genius" or "excellency):
Gaon is the title of the sages who lived during the post-Talmudic period (roughly 7th to 11th centuries). This period is thus known as the "Gaonic" period.
Gedulah ("greatness"):
A synonym for chesed.
Gematria (Hebrew Numerology):
Gematria is a system for calculating the numerical equivalence of letters, words, and phrases. This system is used for the purpose of gaining insight into interrelating concepts.
For further explanation see: The Art of Gematria.
gerah is a type of coin, equivalent to approximately 0.64 gram of silver.
Gevurah ("Might"):
Gevurah is the fifth of the ten sefirot, and second of the emotive attributes in Creation.
For further explanation see: The Divine Emanations — Gevurah.
Gezerah Shavah ("equal category"):
Gezerah Shavah is one of the thirteen hermeneutical methods of the Torah, in which two concepts or cases are compared on the basis of terminology common to both.
(plural of gevurah):
Gilah (joy):
See Chedvah.
Gimmel is one of the 3rd letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
For further explanation see Alef-Beit Significances.
Also see: The Mystical Significance of the Hebrew Letters (including an image and audio pronunciation of each letter).
Gulgalta ("the skull" [Aramaic]):
Gulgalta is the keter of Arich Anpin. In psychological terms, the interface between pleasure and will, which serves as the origin of the super-conscious will.
For further explanation see: Partzufei Ha'KeterGulgalta.

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