Gimel Tamuz


Photo Credit: The Rebbe: A Photo Gallery

This year (5774 [2014]) is the 20th anniversary of the 3rd of Tamuz, Gimel Tamuz. In this article, Rabbi Ginsburgh describes how to continue to feel connected to the Rebbe and in what ways we can advance and empower his life’s goal.

Part 1 – How do we Continue?

Part 2 – “Concealed” Consciousness

Part 3 – Revealing the Torah of Mashiach

Connecting (Hitkashrut) to the Rebbe after Gimel Tamuz (Advanced)

The first and foremost application of connecting to the Rebbe is loving the Rebbe with a profound, heartfelt love, “An abundance of water cannot quench the love” of a chasid for his Rebbe. However, the goal is our actions, and true connection is expressed by concrete actions that penetrate the entire stature of the chasidwho is connected.

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