Getting Out of the Black Whole

Maimonides taught that one has to be physically healthy in order to serve God properly. Maintain your health, exercise and eat healthy foods

The Magid of Mezritch taught that a small hole in the body reflects a big (black) hole in the soul.

Scientists used to think that there is no escape from a black hole (a singularity point). But now they know better. There's always a way out

Not only can you get out of a black hole, but you can heal the black hole itself. Every malady has a cure. Never despair.

In Hebrew, "black" (שחור) and "hole" (חור) are cognate, as are "hole" and "freedom" (חרות). Don't be a slave to a hole. Know that in it is the key to freedom.

In English, by adding a double-you the hole becomes whole. The double-you is "You are before creation and You are after creation."

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