Flying Lesson #1: Jewish Levitation

There is a physical exercise called "Jewish levitation," based upon a mystical "unification" gleaned from the writings of the holy Ari.

Its first 4 stages: right hand on right cheek (covering right eye), left hand on left cheek, right hand on right leg, left hand on left leg.

Its last 2 stages: right hand extended upwards to heaven, left hand extended upwards to heaven.

The exercise portrays the six-winged fiery angels: "With two they cover their face, with two they cover their legs, and with two they fly."

Covering the face is holy shame, covering the legs is holy modesty, flying is holy passion. In Hebrew, "holy" means "on fire."

Shame-modesty-passion = 1750, the gematria of the climax of the Song of Songs (7, 7!): "How beautiful and how pleasant love of delights."

A Magen David is a 6 winged fiery angel. 2 upper wings cover the face, 2 lower wings cover the legs, and the 2 pointing up and down fly

Rectified consciousness is flying up (upwing) and down (downwing) at once. Flying up to God by flying down to fulfill one's mission on earth

We can only fulfill our passion to know God by fulfilling His will on earth. "No thought can know You, only as You are one in Your will."

One who knows and practices the secret of the Magen David needs no other MD. In Israel medical first aid is provided by red (fiery) MD.

The initials of Magen David Adom (red MD) spell "man" (Adam) backwards. In Hebrew, man and red are cognate. David had a reddish-gold beard.

Red MD = Adam (its initial letters) and "long live the king." The king is David, the primary reincarnation of Adam, from whom comes Mashiach

The initials of Adam David Mashiach also spell Adam, "man." The "m" of Mashiach thus corresponds to the "m" of magen, "shield."

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