A Kabbalistic Approach to Spiritual Growth

A Kabbalistic Approach to Spiritual Growth: Table of Contents

Kabbalah and Education 

Everyone assumes the role of educator sometime in life — when giving advice to friends, in parenting, marriage, or in one's career. Each of us both simultaneously learns from a teacher who knows more than we do, and teaches those who know less. But  what is the secret of proper education?

In this series, Gal Einai Institute presents an educational model based on the principles of inspiration and integration as explained in Kabbalah and elucidated in Hassidism

 Part 1: Introduction
 Part 2: Education: To Perfect the Human Community
 Part 3: Inspiration and Integration
 Part 4: Phases of Spiritual Growth
 Part 5: Entering a New State of Being 
 Part 6: Integration through Torah, Commandments and Prayer
 Part 7: 
The Will to Learn 
 Part 8: Will–To Enter and Settle the Land
 Part 9: Planting and Nurturing
 Part 10: First Fruits
 Part 11: Education and Spiritual Growth
 Part 12: Inspiration and Spiritual Growth
 Part 13: Integration and Spiritual Growth
 Part 14: The Power to Renew and the Strength to Endure
 Part 15: Abraham as the Model Educator   

 Part 16: Abraham's Inner Strength   
 Part 17: Preparing the Future 
 Part 18: Inter-inclusion 
 Part 19: The Path to Self Motivation   
 Part 20: Meditation, Prayer, and Education   
 Part 21: Two Meditative Prayers 

 Part 22: Sword and Bow 
 Part 23: Prayer–Rectifying the Subconscious 
 Part 24: The Key to Enlightenment 
 Part 25: Developing a Taste for Truth 
 Part 26: Surrender of Integration 
 Part 27: The Wisdom of Waiting for the Messiah
 Part 28: Becoming Part of the Messianic Consciousness 

 Part 29: The “Beauty” of Education 
 Part 30: 
Collective Grace 
 Part 31: 
Developing Talent While Squelching Ego 
 Part 32: Grace and Kindness
 Part 33: Loving-kindness with Judgment
 Part 34: 
Making Order 
 Part 35: The Skills
 Part 36: 
Self-criticism (part A)
 Part 37: 
Self-criticism (part B) 
 Part 38 The Antidote of Selflessness
 Part 39  Wisdom, Fear of Heaven and Humility
 Part 40 Effective Communication
 Part 41 The Downside of Severity
 Part 42 Communication Skills from the Passover Haggadah
 Part 43 Rectified Binah as an Educational Tool
 Part 44 Knowing the Student
 Part 45 Creating a Union of Souls
 Part 46 Union of Opposites 

 Part 47 Customizing Advice 
 Part 48 Three Elements of the Student Teacher Relationship 
 Part 49 Seeing the Beautiful 
 Part 50 Designing a Strategy
 Part 51 The Good, the Bad and the Fixable
 Part 52 The Pursuit of Peace   
 Part 53 In Pursuit of Balance   
 Part 54 Gentle Decisiveness   
 Part 55 The Scales of Judgment   
 Part 56 Setting Priorities 
 Part 57 Maximum Patience and Realistic Expectations 
 Part 58 Identifying the Divine Soul and the Physical Soul
 Part 59 Harnessing the Physical Soul to Effect Change 
 Part 60 The Power of Prayer 
 Part 61 Rerouting Energy Flow 
 Part 62 Connecting Heaven and Earth
Part 63 Reward and Punishment   
 Part 64 Evaluating Ego
Part 65 A Question of Timing

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