David, Bat Sheva, Kohelet

Upon the creation of Adam and Eve God says, regarding all marriages: "And he shall cling to his wife and they shall become one flesh."

Rashi says that "they shall become one flesh" refers to the couple's offspring. Ibn Ezra says that it refers to the marital union itself.

The word "cling" (to his wife) is an acronym for David Bat Sheva Kohelet (Ecclesiastes, the name Solomon uses in the book named after him).

David and Bat Sheva are the primary reincarnations of Adam and Eve in the Bible. Kohelet is short for their three sons, Cain, Abel, Shet.

The average value of the three names David Bat Sheva Kohelet ("cling") is 441 = 21 squared = truth.

The final letters of the three names David Bat Sheva Kohelet spell "knowledge," the word used to describe the marital union of Adam and Eve.

Kohelet = "love" (ahavah) written in full. He is the fruit of the love of David and Bat Sheva.

Kohelet = light/darkness. He shined light (Divine consciousness) into darkness (the vanity of this world) and transformed darkness to light.

"Love" is short for "light of the Holy One blessed be He." The love that unifies man and wife is God's light in darkness (all lights off).

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