Dancing Lesson #2: Non-Locality

It takes two to entangle. Entanglement is the most ‘in’ concept in modern physics.

Entanglement theory is dance therapy.

The connection of body to mind is similar to a quantum non-local connection (i.e., entanglement).

In fact, body and mind are billions of light-years away, they just seem to be in the same place.

In this day and age we must become non-local, but all entangled, all dancing together.

Life is defined as the ability to move. Movement – dance – connects body to mind.

Not everyone is good at dancing. It's because they're too tense. They have to learn how to relax.

To be tense is to be local (just here not there). To relax is to become non-local (here and there).

"Run and return" is running out of the confines of self to non-locality and returning to locality.

The State of Israel must become a non-local reality, for Israel is entangled in all.

That is what the great Chassidic master, the Tzemach Tzedek, meant when he said "make Israel here."

All conflicts and wars are due to an overt sense of locality – all because people don't dance.

I wish I could dance like Yemenites. They are truly light of foot – mind over matter.

If light is light it doesn't mean that darkness is heavy. Maybe darkness is lighter than light.

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